*What Is Strategic Consulting?

Solomon Consulting brings extensive experience to help our clients align technology strategy with organizational value.

CEOs and CTOs ask us to validate technology planning and architecture strategy to ensure optimal ROI from technical expenditures. Additionally CIOs know that over time decisions are made across organizations which lead to escalating technology costs due to inefficiencies and redundant systems. As a result these leaders turn to Solomon Consulting to help define or validate new or enhanced technology strategies.

We provide the following services to address various levels of client needs within Strategic Technology Consulting. We are also able to tailor an approach which will best serve your unique organizational needs.

  • Enterprise Systems Optimization
  • Enterprise Architecture Master Plan Development
  • Architecture Review
  • Web Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy based on the Sam Ovens Consulting method.
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Performance Analysis
  • Third Party Software Evaluation
  • Hardware Selection
  • Security Audits

We have helped companies of all sizes make informed technology decisions. Please contact us to find out if we are fit for your organization.