*Business Process Improvement Consulting

Solomon Consulting provides process optimization consultancy by combining our proven process improvement approach with innovative process mining technologies.

We work with our clients to deliver streamlined business processes that drive competitive advantage, cost efficiency and business agility. Our consultants will work closely with your organization to identify on-going cost savings and to measure performance.

We have partnered with Consulting.com and their Accelerator program to offer the highest level trainings available for new consultants.

Through our partnership, we use and provide user-friendly process mining tools. These tools provide on-screen controls to instantly select the level of detail you require; from a linear view to an extremely detailed model showing every variation of your process. You can filter data by date, demographics, departments or any other unique identifier contained within your data.

We offer a full range of process analysis services, including:

  • Identification of bottlenecks, exceptions and non-compliances.
  • Analysis of existing business processes.
  • Recommendation of process modeling and analysis tools.
  • Stakeholder analysis.
  • Facilitation and management of organizational change.
  • Gathering of metric information and ROI benefits.
  • Design of new and efficient processes.
  • Process improvement training.