*Business Intelligence Consulting – What is BI?

Business Intelligence can most simply be summed up as extracting, organizing and analyzing data in a way that gives you the information you need to make more informed business decisions.

Through its strong skill and resource in this specialized field, Solomon Consulting assists its customers by building software solutions that facilitate the investigation and analysis of existing business data, to ultimately deliver dashboards, reports and other management information sources which ease decision-making.

Our approach to Business Intelligence at SolomonBI.com starts with it gaining an understanding of the customer’s business information requirements. To gain this insight, we have our proprietary methodology to drive detailed requirements which can be tested, and validated throughout each phase of our projects.

Once the customer’s business information requirements have been identified, the architecture of the entire solution is designed and implemented in iterative cycles. This ensures quick value-delivery to the customer, while simultaneously keeping the project focused on the project’s long-term goal.

Our team can provide the answers you need.