Values & How We Operate

Our mission here at is simple: we want to new consultants get their businesses started successfully without falling into many of the traps which are out there. With so many mistakes a new business owner can make, we aim to shorten the learning curve and make sure new consultants are going down the correct path.

Additionally, we are here to help successful consultants and business owners who want to scale their operations to the next level, grow their team, or just optimize what they’re currently doing for clients so they’re able to enjoy more profits and more freedom.

Here at our main offering is making sure business owners and consultants have access to the training and educational resources they need to do well out in the real-world marketplace. However, we do not necessarily recommend the traditional schooling system for consultants who want to start or grow their own businesses – quite the opposite in face! You don’t need a degree, and you definitely don’t need an MBA.

Our values are based around teaching consultants the #1 most important thing they need to do is develop real-world skills that solve actual problems their clients are facing. If you can do that, you have everything you need in order to build the foundations of a successful consulting practice.

We understand that what we’re recommending here is a little difference to the advice new consultants are used to hearing – especially when looking for traditional consulting job. However, our core value is to provide you with the quickest possible route to market, building on-the-job skills and experience rather than wasting thousands of dollars and years of your life for a degree (which most people don’t even end up using)


In the Solomon consulting training programs We embrace and uphold the highest standards of personal and professional ethics, honesty and trust when we’re recommending training and educational resources. We only recommend trainings and programs to our customers which we have personally experienced, completed and vetted.

Choosing the right consulting training program from day 1 could mean the difference between success and failure in your business – so that’s the main thing we’re here to help you with.