Entry Level Consulting Jobs – How to Find Them Online or Create Your Own

If you’re just getting started in the consulting world it can seem daunting trying to find opportunities where you’ll be competing with industry veterans – some of whom have decades of experience and long impressive CVs. That is why your first position is always going to be an entry-level consulting job. The good thing about these opportunities is that they’re created for people who are new to the business, so you don’t usually need much experience.

There is however still a lot of competition – lots of people want to become consultants these days! If you put in the effort to stand out, you should still be able to make traction and get yourself in front of good companies though. Here is a list of sites where you can find entry level consulting jobs with established businesses who are looking for people to train up internally:



LinkedIn Job Search

Those are some places you can get started searching for your first consulting opportunity as an entry-level candidate.

However, if you’d been reading our website for a while we advocate starting your own consulting business and bringing on your own clients, rather than working for an established first. In our view this is actually easier to do, you’ll have a lot more flexibility, and it is almost always more profitable to do things this way.

Yes, it can seem daunting starting your own consulting practice with no experience or track record, but it is much more doable than you think and thousands of people successfully take the leap every single year.

So with this in mind, why compete against hundreds or even thousands of other candidates for an entry level consulting position when you can essentially create your own, and design the job to look exactly how you like… including your salary! This sounds like a big promise, but as we’ve said it is absolutely achievable.

So how do you go about creating your own consulting job and then building your own consulting practice? Luckily, there are various online training programs available designed to help you do exactly that. Choosing between them can be difficult, as can knowing who to trust out of all these educators and mentors, but that is one of the primary reasons we started this website. We want to make it easy for new consultants to launch their businesses and to know which trainers to avoid and which ones to put their trust in. Our current favorite program which caters both to new consultants and also existing consultants looking to scale up their businesses is the Consulting Accelerator course from Consulting.com. We view that as basically the ‘gold standard’ currently. Having been through every aspect of the course in detail it is the only training we recommend without hesitation to new and existing consultants at this time.

So consider the route of starting your own consulting business instead of just looking for jobs with existing companies. The long term effort will be worth it. You’ll get more experience, more flexibility, and you’ll earn more money too if you do things right. Be determined, follow a proven process and within no time you could be the one advertising your own entry-level consulting positions online, rather than looking for them.