Our Solutions: IT Consulting & IT Staffing

What is the difference between IT consulting versus IT staffing? Both start with talented people and end with results. For us, consulting is providing our clients the project leadership they need to solve a problem which our team will provide the advice and leadership onsite. Staffing, or staff augmentation is a role where generally our clients provide the direction for our team. We are brilliant at helping you with identifying the right role for you happy to discuss options depending on the area you feel most comfortable.

Client Relationships

Our clients will tell you that when you work with Solomon Consulting Group, they receive direct and practical advice to address their IT projects and challenges. We develop lasting relationships by providing the best advice for their current issues, whether or not that includes hiring Solomon! Our clients tell us they appreciate this level of service, as evidenced by our incredible client retention rates and recommendations. What that means for the team that represents Solomon Consulting Group is that we hold ourselves to a high standard. We value open, direct communication, follow through on commitments and expectations, and a little humor and personality goes a long way.

Clients that allow you to grow in your career

Our goal is to help clients from startups to enterprise – and we have some government agencies that we provide professional services for as well. Ultimately we want you to help get our client’s projects across the finish line regardless of their size. Whether you enjoy working in a large IT organization or a small to mid-size firm, the need for talented resources is just as important and we have a long client list for you to consider where you would like to take your career.