Examples of Successful Consulting Companies Who Followed The Sam Ovens Method

In this post we’ll be looking at some real world examples of consulting businesses who applied the teachings from Consulting.com and Sam Ovens. There are now thousands of success stories of people who have followed these methods successfully to build new consulting businesses from nothing, or grown small inefficient companies into highly optimized growth machines with impressive levels of profitability. Today we’ll focus on just 3 of the most impressive businesses who offer consulting services to clients in different markets.

#1 – Andrew Argue of AccountingTax.com

Andrew is possibly Sam Ovens’ most successful student. Although he didn’t start his business completely from scratch – he was making around $17,000 monthly – after following the Consulting.com trainings he quickly grew to over $1,000,000 in monthly revenue. Andrew’s consulting business, AccountingTax.com, helps accountants, tax planners, and other financial professionals grow their practices and get more profitable. The company also helps people enter these markets for the first time launch their own financial services businesses, even if they have no prior experience.

#2 – Chris Evans and Taylor Welch of TrafficAndFunnels.com

Chris and Taylor have a similar story to Andrew above. They were already in business consulting in the digital marketing space, but faced challenges growing their revenue and scaling the business up profitability. A few years after enrolling into the Sam Ovens programs their business, TrafficAndFunnels.com is producing mid-seven figures annually in revenue. They offer consulting and coaching to business owners who want to marketing their products and services more effectively online, as well as have more effective sales conversations with leads and prospects.

Chris and Taylor use many of the approaches taught in Sam Ovens’ programs as the foundation of what they teach their own clients.

#3 – Robb Bailey of FitClubAccelerator.com

Robb helps gyms and fitness professionals attract new leads and high value clients with his advertising, marketing and sales systems. By following the Sam Ovens training programs he was able to take his consulting services business, FitClubAccelerator.com, all the way to $400,000 in monthly sales revenue.

Robb and Sam actually recorded an incredibly detailed interview on YouTube which we’d highly recommend you watch. You’ll learn a lot about scaling a consulting business quickly, the challenges you’ll likely face, and how to overcome them. This is a really inspiring interview for any new or existing consulting entrepreneur – and it is over one hour long!

Watch the Robb Bailey and Sam Ovens interview below:

So there you have it, three consulting businesses who were able to apply the methods of Sam Ovens and Consulting.com to scale their companies to impressive levels. And as we mentioned there are thousands more just like these. The above 3 examples are of course some of the biggest success stories, but there are many who have gone from zero to $10,000, $20,000 and even $100,000 in monthly revenue.

The only question is, will you be one of them in the future?