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Big Data in Consulting – Can You Have Too Much Data?

There is more data available to organizations today than ever before. Customers, employees, and other users create about 15 zettabytes of data globally each year — and that number is expected to reach 35 zettabytes in 2020. The type of information companies are collecting is also multiplying — from traditional sources such as customer mailing […]

Key Performance Indicators for Consulting Companies

In our business of consulting and training consultants to get started in their business there have been varying degrees of reliance on key performance indicators, or KPI’s. The reason the degree of emphasis on these little beauties changes, is due to the strength and validity they have, and how well they are used to motivate […]

Women In The Consulting Industry

We support organizations such as Kansas City Women in Technology, a new collective which aims to get more young women involved in IT and enable those already in the industry to advance their careers. The group also provides mentoring for several eager women in technology. Women can define their own values and either start or advance […]