Consulting Accelerator by Sam Ovens – A Full Review

How to build your Consulting career by starting your own business with the Accelerator program. That’s what we’ll be covering in this review piece, going in to great detail on Sam Ovens and his courses designed for new and existing consulting and coaching business owners.

Note: If you found this article because you’re looking for the 7-day free trial of Consulting Accelerator, or the special offer pricing option that will give you a $500 discount, just scroll down to the bottom of this page. We have instructions and a link to get both of those offers.

Now let’s proceed with the full Sam Ovens review, focusing on his Consulting Accelerator program…

The main focus of our is helping new and existing consultants achieve success with their businesses. A lot of that is achieved through high quality training, courses, and mentorship programs. As Sam Ovens runs what is arguably the largest and most successful training website for people running consulting businesses, we’ll spend a considerable amount of time teaching you all about his programs in-depth.

I have personally completed the flagship program at, which is called Consulting Accelerator. After being in the program for well over the year and speaking to other clients of Sam Ovens who have done the same, I’m writing this guide as a resource for anyone considering purchasing the program, wondering if it is right for them, or whether it is worth the cost. There are a lot of questions which come up when deciding to buy online courses, including what kind of result you can expect, who the programs are for, whether they’re legitimate or just scams, etc etc. We’ll be answering these common concerns – and a lot more – in-depth.

So let’s get started and dive into this Consulting Accelerator review, which I hope will be the most comprehensive available anywhere online.

What Is Consulting Accelerator And Who Is It For?

The Consulting Accelerator program is designed to help individuals start their own consulting businesses, coaching businesses, or agencies, and also to help anyone with an existing business grow profitably. The course is advances in nature – in that it goes into a lot of detail in all areas. Having said that, if you’re a beginner it will start you of with the very basic foundational concepts you need to know about consulting and business and general before moving on to more specific lessons. If you’re already consulting successfully, I’d still recommend reviewing the foundational lessons as making sure you understand and do the basics well is extremely important in business, no matter how successful you may be.

You’ll do this by identifying problems face by individuals or companies, then developing solutions to solve them – solutions people are happy to pay you for.

As long as you’re creating value in your market of choice as a consultant, you’ll have no problem attracting new business. That’s what the Accelerator program does – teaches you do identify value opportunities by solving painful problems, then attract people to your programs or services who need what you offer.

So what about the format? How will you be learning and how is the training delivered? This Sam Ovens review would not be too helpful unless it painted a clear picture of exactly how the course works and what you’ll be doing day to day if you choose to enroll.

All of the courses – including Accelerator – are delivered via multiple mediums. Primarily, the course content is housed in an online content portal to which you’ll have 24/7 lifetime access once you become a paying customer. The Consulting Accelerator course is taught via video trainings inside of the portal. There are well over 100 different videos making up the program. Many of the videos also come with worksheets that are designed to help you apply what you’re taught. So instead of just being theory-based, the program will have you building your consulting business as you go. This is absolutely key for your motivation to keep going – seeing real tangible progress each week as you work through the material. As a results, many students get new consulting and coaching clients within the first 2 weeks of joining Consulting Accelerator, although as Sam Ovens stresses this is not typical. It is however absolutely possible.

In addition to accessing the course content inside the website portal, you’ll also get a box set delivered via mail which contains all of the training in physical form. This means you’ll have a printed version of each and every video lesson – perfect for anyone who’d prefer to read rather than watch.

Lastly, a lot of learning can take place in the Facebook mastermind support group. This is a private community for all paying customers who have purchased Consulting Accelerator. The group is extremely active with questions, answers, and success stories from students. There are also weekly Facebook livestreams where Sam and his team personally answer customer community questions. These are extremely valuable and always run one to two hours.

Building a Consulting Business is a Simple Formula for Success

But as you will learn in this Sam Ovens program review… it is not easy. Luckily, with Consulting Accelerator Sam Ovens gives you all the shortcuts, helping you avoid the costly mistakes almost all new consultants make when starting out… causing most of them to fail.

Build Authentic Relationships with other Consulting Business Owners

Inside the private Consulting Accelerator Facebook mastermind group you’ll be able to connect, talk and share ideas with other consultants. This community has over 15,000 paying customers of – that’s a lot of accumulated knowledge and success!

A Responsive Team for Support and Guidance

You’ll have access to two weekly calls with the team and Sam Ovens himself. Support and help is also available via the Facebook community, live chat, and a traditional ticketing system. You’ll have also the resources and help you need to build your successful consulting business, even if you have no prior experience.

24/7 Access to Resources and Training

The Consulting Accelerator program is delivered online so you can work through it at your own pace. All resources are available in digital and printed format, so you can watch, read and listen wherever and whenever is most convenient for you and your schedule.

Feedback and Communication

You can get real time feedback on your progress, and answers to any questions via the Facebook mastermind group. This is invaluable in shortening the learning curve, correcting for errors, and avoiding common mistakes which are inevitable when trying to go it alone. The Consulting Accelerator team are there with you every step of the way.

How to Get a $500 Discount on The Consulting Accelerator Program

Previous customers and students who have completed the Sam Ovens consulting program are eligible to offer new customers a discount by referring them into the program. The available discount is $500 off the regular purchase price. This brings the new cost of the program to just $1497 if paid in full, instead of $1997. We’ve tested this and it works every time, as long as you sign up via the right link.

Follow the link below to access that pricing and save $500. You’ll just need to enter your email address so you can be sent an invite link that has the discounted pricing…

Get the $500 Consulting Accelerator discount here.

Currently that is the best pricing offer available for the flagship Sam Ovens course. We personally think $1497 is absolute steal, and that anyone who applies what they learn in the program will make many times their investment back. We certainly did, and every student we’ve spoken to who’s been through the program and completed the work has experienced the same results.